LAI Games Hypershoot

Whether in attract or game play modes, the unique lighting effects of HYPERshoot are impossible for players to miss. The light tunnel follows the flight of the ball like a comet trail, accompanied by live sports commentary, making every throw fun and rewarding. Players are awarded extra points for scoring in quick succession, increasing the fun and competitive game play aspect.

HYPERshoot can be linked up to 8 player competition. When space is limited, the twin cabinet configuration is just as attractive alongside classic midway games like Alley Bowlers and Knock Downs. HYPERshoot allows for optional “Bonus Tickets” for linked game play as well as optional deluxe marquee.

  • Single-Player

  • Multi-Player

  • Ticket Dispensing

  • Pre-drilled for Embed

  • Universal Connector Link

  • Linked Game Play

  • Card System Ready

  • Coin Acceptor Ready

  • Bill Acceptor Ready

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 43.07″
Height 113.39″
Depth 122.05″
Weight 882 lbs

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