exA-Arcadia is a state of the art cartridge based arcade video game system available in both as a dedicated upright cabinet and as a conversion kit for existing cabinets. Featuring affordable games from Japan & the world over, their games are optimized for high income performance with low downside risk.

A wide variety of games from 4 player cooperative games to competitive 1 on 1 fighting games to high scoring shooters appealing to both casual FEC customers as well as veteran gamers are available now.


  • Low cost, high performance standalone solution video game solution

  • Available in 1, 2 or 4 player cabinet

  • 4 available slots for game cartridges

  • Plug and play games sold separately

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 45.25″
Depth 30″
Height 77.75″
Power Consumption 11-240V

4 Player Games

Action Games


Competitive 1 on 1


Shooter Games


Vertical Games

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