Digital Centre Selfie Photo Mask

It’s an Automatic Custom Mask Kiosk with your Face on it. But also Logos, seasonal designs, or any photo from your Phone
Patrons take a photo, automatically, at the selfiePHOTOmask kiosk. Choose quantity and size, and pay at the selfie photo mask kiosk, cash or credit/debit. selfiePHOTOmask needs an attendant to heat the mask and deliver to patrons (40 seconds heating per mask). Attendant doesn’t have access to money. Heating machine is really hot, so the staff needs appropriate instructions before operating it to avoid any accidents.


  • Custom your selfie photo masks with add-on Props and Funny Stickers

  • Variety of default designs and seasonal graphics

  • With selfiePHOTOmask you can customize it with your photos, your designs or your logo

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