CPI Cashflow 2000 VNR Vending Recycler & Bill Change Machine

Changing the game at the point of sale.

The CPI CASHFLOW Series 2000 VNR Vending Recycler allows vending machines to give change to customers that insert larger bills. This CPI bill recycler accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, and stores either $1 or $5 bills for use as change for future purchases. This bill change machine is modular in design to ensure easy installation to the CPI CASHFLOW® VN2700 Bill Validator. The CPI Cashflow Series 2000 VNR Vending Recycler simply snaps into the rear of the bill validator on the vending machine.

This bill change machine by CPI features the industry’s only High-Visibility Bezel that easily indicates to consumers which denominations are accepted in real time using bright, low-powered LEDs. Operators may also choose the new CPI CASHFLOW 3-in-1 bezel to accept credit and debit cards along with recycling technology. The CPI bill recycler is able to hold up to 30 dollar bills at a time. The compact design of this bill change machine provides more real estate in often space constrained vending machines to deploy recycling technology alongside cashless technology.


  • Single denomination bill recycling of either $1 or $5 bills

  • The ability to be installed in a variety of machine types and ages- refer to the compatibility chart for details

  • Compatibility with all MDB coin changers/coin mechs

  • A programmable Recycler module that holds up to 30 bills at a time

  • Small cash Recycler footprint virtually equal to that of a standard bill validator

  • A heritage of reliability – the industry’s best-selling validator product with more than three million units sold

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