Bodecker Classic

Our Story

We are a coffee company that offer a patented brewing process to provide consistent and high-quality coffee to offices. We aim to improve staff morale, increase productivity, and satisfy corporate cost containment requirements with our recyclable and cost-efficient coffee brewing system.

Consistent quality and taste

Bodecker’s patented brewing process, filter medium, and precise control of water pressure, temperature, and flow rate ensures uniformity of extraction and consistent taste in every cup.


Bodecker uses a recyclable and eco-friendly aluminum cup and promotes recycling, reducing waste and pollution.


Bodecker’s brewer and production equipment are reliable, easy to maintain, and have readily available parts, leading to lower operating costs and storage requirements compared to other single-serve coffee products.

Convenience and satisfaction

Bodecker’s system provides fresh-brewed coffee in just 32 seconds with a wide variety of flavors and the ability to custom-brew to desired strength, promoting employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating the need to leave the office for coffee.


  • Reliable performance

  • Very low maintnance

  • Auto eject for capsules

  • Programmable features

  • All capsules are recyclable

  • High temperature brewing

  • Extended product shelf life

  • Pour-over or automatic setup

  • Wide variety of Coffee and Tea

  • Hot Chocolate and Soup selections

  • Compact space requirements for product

  • Capsules are not available at retail stores

  • No flavor contamination between beverages

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