Bay Tek Entertainment Ticket Monster

Players step up and pull the handle to spin the monster’s big tongue. When the tongue stops, players are awarded tickets. Ticket Monster is now equipped with a progressive feature, so each time someone plays watch the Monster Jackpot go up. There will be big screams when players achieve the Monster Jackpot! The sounds and graphics of Ticket Monster make this game grab attention from players all over the room. Ticket Monster also has dual ticket dispensers for more capacity and quicker ticket dispensing. Operators will be happy with how user friendly, this Monster’s menu is to use. The only way Ticket Monster might scare you is by the great revenue it generates!


Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 2’10”
Depth 8’4″
Height 9’9″
Weight 940 lbs 1060 lbs
Power Consumption 1.5 Amps

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