Bay Tek Entertainment Spongebob Squarepants VR Dynamic Duo

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This 2 player VR game is attendant-free and jam-packed with thrilling motion and effects. Patrons play as SpongeBob and Patrick working together to help jump start Mr. Krabs new delivery service. With unique controls and responsibilities for each player, replayability is through the roof!


  • Replayability

    One player drives, the other player launches Krabby Patties. Our data doesn’t lie: players love to switch positions and repeat play!

  • Bleeding Edge

    Dynamic Duo is powered by the same technology as Hyperdeck – this means high thrills with no motion sickness.

  • Turnkey

    Self install or have us help – we’ll get you playing the same day your unit arrives!

  • Quick ROI

    World recognized IP + replays through the roof = industry leading ROI.

  • Future-Proof

    This isn’t just a ride – it’s an interactive game! Give your patrons an experience that’s different every time they play.

  • Small Footprint

    Two experiences in one packed into only 80 sq ft!

  • Social Competition

    High scores on both daily and all-time leaderboards keeps the friendly competition going.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 81″
Depth 142″
Height 126″
Weight 1375 lbs
Power Consumption 120v 16 amps
240v 8 amps

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