Bay Tek Entertainment Lil’ Ticket Monster

Lil’ Ticket Monsters is the little brother of the classic Ticket Monster Wheel. With three new monsters; Burp, Toot and Grunt you are sure to have a scary good time with a big reward. Maintaining a small footprint, the new Lil’ Ticket Monsters includes an eye-catching marquee that sits above Burp’s spine-chilling glowing eyeball. To give it a monstrous spin, players pull the handle up, then push down. Win a scary big pile of tickets with every spin according to where the wheel stops. We may be little, but you can — WIN BIG!


Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 2’6.6″
Depth 3’7.2″
Height 8’10.2″ (7’6.5″ w/out marque)
Weight 386 lbs 471 lbs

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