Bandai-Namco Maximum Tune 5

The worldwide arcade racing hit is back with the 5th sequel to the extremely popular Maximum Tune racing series.

Sit down and get ready for non stop action as you race your friends or compete against yourself with the “ghost battle” racing mode. On the new 42” high resolution wide LCD screen you will be able to see where you stand against other Maxitune players in North America with the “VS” grading system. With this system you can earn strength auras that you can change and customize at the Wangan Terminal. Players can now purchase a BANAPASSPORT card directly from the Maximum Tune 5 game cabinet and use it at the Wangan Terminal to modify their car appearance, strength aura, stats and create or modify teams.


Specifications Shipping Dimensions Location Dimensions

(4 Seats)

Cabinet Seat
Width 33″ 38″ 164″
Height 85″ 53″ 94″
Depth 44″ 42″ 63″

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