Bandai-Namco Pac-Man Air Hockey, Home

The PAC-MAN home Air Hockey brings all the fun of arcade air hockey to the home rec-room. Full motion LED lighting below the playfield makes a great attraction. They light up red or blue to let everyone know who has scored. PAC-MAN music and sound effects add to the fun. A must for every rec-room. It even makes a ‘waka-waka’ sound when puck hits the sides of the table. How cool is that?


  • Power Blower

  • Commercial Construction

  • Electronic Scorer

  • Tournament Style Goal

  • Sturdy Leg Levers

  • Killer Graphics Throughout

  • Sleek and Contemporary Design

  • Super Slick Playing Surface

  • High Speed High Impact Puck Catcher

  • Easy Assembly

  • Includes: Pucks and Mallets

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