AquaCafe POD


  • Single-serve POD coffee and tea in about 45 seconds; hot & chilled water on demand for residential and small offices

  • Hotter water for barista quality coffee, tea, and for cooking instant noodles and soups

  • Space saver — frees up counter space, no brewer or coffee pot on the counter or filtration system at the sink

  • Time saver — Barista quality coffee brewed at home or office.

  • Brews 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 ounce cup sizes

  • Safety lock function for hot water

  • Easy-to-use touch pad with illuminated dispensing area and brightness controls

  • 1L / 0.28G stainless steel hot tank : 3.78L / 1G cold tank

  • Filtration models have ample space inside bottom cabinet for single or dual filters or an RO system (not included)

  • Accu-Temp™ — Serves water at the proper temperature very time

  • Stay-Cool® — Keeps residual water in the cold waterway chilled and ready to serve

  • UL listed

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