Andamiro Bobblehead Baseball VS

Bobblehead Baseball VS Edition, tailor-made for bars and on-street venues, builds upon the success of Andamiro’s original single-player video game. It features a compact design with a 43″ LCD display and dual player stations. Patrons can enjoy head-to-head action, playing as pitchers and batters in Major League showdowns, or go solo against the game’s computer opponent. Bobblehead Baseball VS features onboard dual programming changeability, settable by the operator on the game’s computer: non-ticket play in which players run the bases and redemption play in which players aim for ticket points. This officially licensed product of MLB Players Inc. has been thoughtfully priced for street operators, promising to deliver quicker ROI.


  • Have fun with quirky bobble-headed avatars of Major League Baseball’s biggest stars

  • Seamless program switching between non-ticket and ticket operations

  • Engage in head-to-head pitching, batting and base running action in two-player mode

  • 3 operator-adjustable difficulty settings

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 36″ 42″
Depth 42″ 45″
Height 95″ 86″
Weight 320 lbs 353 lbs

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