Unit-E World’s Fastest Drummer

World’s Fastest Drummer® Extreme Sport Drumming is an international speed drumming competition enabled by the Drumometer (Patent #6,545,207)–a device that is used to count drum strokes. Now, the competition comes to your local arcade!

Normal and Pro Modes

Players can decide whether they official compete in the Pro World’s Fastest Drummer® competition for 60 seconds, or quickly compete in the Normal mode. Time and prices for modes can be set (and disabled separately).

Quick Game Play

While the official World’s Fastest Drummer® competition is 60 seconds, this game can be set to as quick as 10 seconds. A streamlined user interface accelerates the pace to 11 to 16 seconds per game.

Online Competition

Scores from all online machines are collected and marked for their region and date. Players then pass encouraging milestones in gameplay that informs them they’re better than the “best today in Kentucky,” and so on.

Adjustable Height

Operators can adjust the height of the drums by over 3 inches, making the game friendly to small children and adults alike.

Optional Redemption Mode

While the game is designed for ticket redemption, the competitive nature of competitive contests of skill does not necessitate a prize. Operators can choose whether players earn tickets, and in what amounts.

 Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 30″
Height 94″
Depth 33″
Weight 230 lbs

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