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UNIS Lane Master Arcade Game Machine

The Lane Master arcade amusement game machine uses traditional bowling rules with the overall style of the software matching the sleek neon lights of the physical cabinet. The gameplay is occasionally spiced up with special bonus games that would not be possible in a real life bowling alley.

The Unis Lane Master is a game machine designed for arcades and gaming spaces. This arcade game machine makes use of sensors to translate real rolls into the gaming software. This arcade machine boasts a playfield length that is the same as on classic alley games. The Lane Master game machine comes with 3 monitors, 1 for each player (the game supports multiplayer). This arcade bowling machine also includes an additional monitor in the middle marquee area that shows the scores for both players. This monitor on the game machine allows the operator to display custom promotional video and image content.

  • Alley-style video bowling

  • Incredible neon-style LEDs

  • Responsive sensors that translate the ball movement to the screen

  • 3 monitors: 1 for each player and 1 more for leaderboards/promotional content

  • Single and Multiplayer options

 Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 65″
Height 117″
Depth 118″
Weight 113 lbs

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