UNIS Dynamic Orbs

Get The Prize Orbs And Win Big!

Discover the excitement of Dynamic Orbs! This game takes traditional arcade gaming up a notch, making your timing and aim the keys to success. Your goal is to try and win high-ticket value Prize Orbs. Use strategy and precision to push these Prize Orbs over the edge and claim your winnings. With its eye-catching design and fun gameplay, Dynamic Orbs offers endless fun for all ages.


  • Time the release of the balls to “STOP” the rotating light

  • Win tickets, marbles or a chance to spin the Bonus wheel

  • RFID-tagged orbs to track & read their ticket values

  • Push orbs over the edge to win big!

  • Vibrant cabinet with rotating side marquees

  • Self-reloading balls mechanism

  • Simple game controls

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 97″ 51.5″
Depth 67″ 36.5″
Height 104″ 85″
Weight 408 lbs 463 lbs

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