Touchtunes Angelina MP

The MP Difference

Pay and play only with the Mobile app. All the benefits of the Angelina Jukebox without the hassle of collecting from your bill acceptor and an even smaller footprint.

Music In A New Light

The Angelina defines a new standard for design, performance, serviceability and value, and creates a striking focal point for any venue.

Engages And Inspires Like No Other

Sophisticated algorithms and state-of-the art lighting effects transform the jukebox experience and bring new textures to the rhythms and beats.

Breakthrough Reliability and Ease of Service

Innovative no-wire, component-to-component design with snap-in part replacement, minimizes service times, reduces inventory needs and increases reliability and performance.


  • Customizable, music-driven lighting creates a new lightshow for every song that plays.
  • No bill acceptor means it only needs 24 inches of all around wall space.

  • Guests can browse the entire catalog and play songs, all through the app on their phone.

  • With the touch of a button, Angelina MP transforms into a full-on photobooth.

  • With minimal wiring, snap-in parts and one person-installation, Angelina MP is an operator’s dream.

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