Touch Magix Mega Blaster

Touch Magix has released a brand new towering ticket redemption game that appeals to all ages! In Mega Blaster, players will use the correct amount of force on the TNT plunger to aim for the bonus block to completely demolish the tower.


  • Appeals to all ages

  • Realistic pressure sensitive plunger

  • Visually appealing tall cabinet with dynamic LED lighting and sound

  • Addictive skill based gameplay to keep players coming back again and again

Specifications Location Dimensions Location Dimensions (Linkplay 2 Units) Location Dimensions (Linkplay 3 Units) Shipping Dimensions (Palette 1) Shipping Dimensions (Palette 2)
Width 38″ 93″ 117″ 42″ 24″
Depth 52″ 52″ 52″ 48″ 26″
Height 115″ 119″ 119″ 88.5″ 38″
Power Consumption

2.5 AMP@220V/5 AMP@110V

 5 AMP@220V/10 AMP@110V

7.5 AMP@220V/15 AMP@110V


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