Touch Magix Crazy Prize

Introducing TouchMagix’s Crazy Prize, an exhilarating and skill-based redemption game that will captivate players of all ages. The objective is simple yet thrilling: skillfully press the button at the right moment to shoot the capsule off the moving carousel and into the winning hole. With its attractive cabinet featuring a spacious prize showcase area that can hold up to 400 capsules, Crazy Prize offers an enticing visual appeal to players and onlookers alike. What sets this game apart is its automatic capsule replenishment system, ensuring a continuous flow of excitement as prizes are won, keeping players engaged and eager for their chance to claim fantastic rewards. Crazy Prize is a must-have addition to any arcade or entertainment venue, offering an irresistible blend of skill, strategy, and anticipation in every play.


  • Attractive cabinet with a prize showcase area

  • 4 Player positions

  • Large storage capacity of 400 capsules eliminating frequent refills

  • Capsules auto-replenish into the playfield after a prize is won

  • Supports 100mm capsules

  • High repeat value that appeals to all ages

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 55″ 61″
Depth 55″ 61″
Height 78″ 83″
Power Consumption

6 AMP@110V

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