Sweet Robo Robo Ice Cream Machine

Experience the future of ice cream indulgence with the Robo Ice Cream Machine, where technology meets taste in an extraordinary display. This automated vending marvel features a charming mini robot that skillfully serves soft serve ice cream with an artistic touch. Customers can personalize their treat from a selection of three syrups and three toppings, creating a customized dessert experience that’s as unique as their preferences.

Every serving is presented in a specially designed cup, complete with a folding spoon attached, ready for immediate enjoyment. The robotic operation isn’t just efficient; it’s a spectacle, drawing crowds and dazzling onlookers as the robot fills each cup with soft serve in a mesmerizing performance.

The Robo Ice Cream Machine’s sleek, modern design is as much a part of its appeal as the delicious treats it serves. Luxurious yet inviting, it makes a striking addition to any space, turning a simple ice cream serving into a captivating event. This machine isn’t just a vendor; it’s a destination, promising every customer a little piece of the future with every creamy swirl.


  • The Robo Ice Cream machine introduces a cutting-edge twist to traditional treats. Its state-of-the-art technology dispenses ice cream with precision, offering an innovative and engaging way for customers to enjoy their favorite flavors.

  • This compact and easy to setup mobile unit can be place anywhere and easily be relocated to capture the highest foot traffic, making it as versatile as it is attractive.

  • The Robo Ice Cream machine is a model of user-friendly design with its simple operation and easy-to-clean features, ensuring that delicious ice cream is always just a button push away.

  • With no staffing requirement and low maintenance, the Robo Ice Cream machine represents a lean operation with robust profitability, churning out high-margin treats without additional labor costs.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 2.88′
Depth 3.22′
Height 8.2′
Power Consumption 110V – 60Hz – 1ph

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