Sweet Robo Cotton Candy Robot

Step into the future of sweet treats with the Cotton Candy Robot, where advanced technology meets the universal charm of cotton candy. This innovative machine features a robotic mechanism that expertly spins sugar into fluffy cotton candy, sculpting it into appealing shapes such as flowers, hearts, stars, and butterflies. Guests can personalize their experience by choosing from six vibrant colors, making each cotton candy not only tasty but also visually enticing.

The process itself is a visual delight, as the robotic arm artfully crafts each piece into a show of culinary art, attracting and engaging onlookers. This unique interaction transforms the simple act of making cotton candy into an engaging experience that draws crowds and sparks joy.

With its sleek, contemporary design, the Cotton Candy Robot is more than just a machine—it’s an attraction that enhances any setting. It serves as a modern centerpiece that offers a unique blend of innovation and sweet indulgence, ensuring each visit is memorable and enjoyable.


  • The Sweet Robo Cotton Candy VX isn’t just a machine, it’s a spectacle. Its robotic arm crafts cotton candy with flair, turning each serving into a mesmerizing performance of swirling colors and shapes.

  • The Cotton Candy VX is an easy to move spectacle in itself, capable of transforming any location. It turns less frequented areas into popular destinations and adds an extra layer of allure to busy spots.

  • Operating this machine is as easy as enjoying cotton candy. Its intuitive design and no-fuss cleaning mean you spend less time on setup and more on delighting your customers.

  • The Cotton Candy VX is a dream for entre- preneurs – it runs smoothly with little oversight, making it a sweet addition that boosts your bottom line without the need for extra hands.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 4.4′
Depth 2.2′
Height 8.04′
Power Consumption 110V-20 amp OR 220V-10 amp 700-3000W

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