Step Revolution StepManiaX Deluxe

Everything that players and operators love about StepManiaX is now available in a Deluxe cabinet, featuring more than triple the amount of lights and an incredible 8-speaker sound system!

Players navigate, select music, and adjust options with the large touchscreen display,
making gameplay easy to start for all ages without wasting time in menus!

StepManiaX is built with modern hardware that requires minimal operator involvement,
and free network connectivity keeps content fresh and players coming back for more.


  • 350+ songs provide a huge selection of music

  • Wide range of difficulty levels for all players

  • Animated LED displays for popping visuals

  • Intuitive 65” touchscreen interface

  • Operator-controllable song list

  • Minimal maintenance and modern hardware

  • Free network connectivity provides additional song downloads and ongoing updates

  • Free Mobile App (Android & iOS) provides Apple Health and Google Fit integration and allows players to wirelessly connect and track scores

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 75″
Depth 100″
Height 94.5″
Weight 1400 lbs

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