Smart Industries Taj Mini (Enhanced)

Taj Mini Is Now Enhanced!

NEW DESIGN! Updated graphics, top marquee, lighting, corners, console, and prize box!


Now we’ve got another option for those who say “bigger is better” and have more space to take advantage of that. Giant size means giant toys and giant profits! Comes with great decals, adjustable claw strength, and the ability to vend 25″ to 45″ merchandise. With prizes like that, this crane will definitely draw a crowd.


  • Same Cabinet Size

  • New Top Header

  • Enhanced Glass decals

  • LED LIT Console

  • Dual Coin Mechs

  • DBA Ready

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Front)  Shipping Dimensions (Back)
Width 72.5″ 78″ 78″
Depth 73.25″ 35″ 35″
Height 91″ 83″ 83″
Weight 550 lbs 385 lbs

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