Smart Industries JJ Bot RFID

Introducing JJ Bot: The Avatar from Smart Industries, a groundbreaking interactive robot designed to redefine the merchandising experience. With up to six axes of movement, JJ Bot offers a level of interactivity like never before. Its dynamic features include a fully active moving attract mode, complete with motion, lifelike facial expressions, captivating lights, and immersive sound, making it an attention-grabbing centerpiece to your arcade. JJ Bot represents the next generation of interactive merchandiser experiences, engaging customers in a way that transcends traditional crane games, while leaving a lasting impression that fosters brand loyalty and excitement. Elevate your merchandise and captivate your audience with the cutting-edge technology and charisma of JJ Bot!


  • Fully interactive robot with up to 6 AXIS of movement

  • Controlled by a single control ball and catch button

  • Full active moving attract feature with motion, facial expressions, lights and sounds

  • 6-Side octal cabinet with 360 degree view

  • RFID with Smart Ticket Rings

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 76″ 80″
Height 101″ 88″
Depth 65″ 70.5″

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