Sega Amusements Hyper Cross Motion Twin


From SEGA Amusements International, prepare yourself for an unparalleled snowmobile racing experience with Hyper Cross Motion Twin. The game features a remarkable 3 Degrees of Freedom motion base, that delivers a supreme immersive gameplay experience.

The twin cabinet setup includes two full-size snowmobile replicas, captivating track lighting, and a grand billboard, making it a standout attraction in arcades, FECs, and bowling centers. With 10 thrilling cross-country tracks, 5 unique characters, and an upgrade system, Hyper Cross offers both casual and hardcore players a challenging yet captivating racing adventure. The force feedback, wind effects, and impressive surround sound further enhance the realism, immersing players in the heart-pounding action.

With its striking design and exceptional gameplay, Hyper Cross is the perfect ultimate choice for arcade enthusiasts and a must have at your arcade, family entertainment center (FECs), or bowling alley.


  • Ultimate snowmobile racing game.

  • Twin cabinet features full-size snowmobile replicas.

  • 3 Degrees of freedom motion base.

  • 10 breath-taking cross-country tracks.

  • 5 unique characters.

  • Force feedback lets you experience every twist and turn.

  • Wind effects intensifies the chilling sensation.

  • Ideal for casual and core players.

  • Share scores with SNS and show off your high score

  • Linkable for 4 player action.

  • Two 42” monitors

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