Sega Amusements Augmented Reality Darts

The SMARTS Augmented Reality system takes interactive darts to the next level. Using a plain white dartboard, the gameplay graphics are superimposed over the board and surrounding area with an ultra bright, laser projector.

Since all the graphics are projected, game play targets appear on the board itself with scores and animations occurring instantly at the point of impact. Combined with some cool sound effects, this is our most immersive experience yet.

The SMARTS Augmented Reality Darts system uses a plain white smartboard surrounded by a white high-density foam panel. All the game graphics are projected directly onto the dartboard and surrounding area. The augmented system also features sound for a truly immersive experience.

As per the interactive system, everything is controlled via the touchscreen user interface.

Players play with real, steel tip darts and real bristle dartboards from the world’s leading manufacturer, Unicorn.


  • Delivers a mind-blowing augmented reality experience

  • The most accurate autoscoring system in the world

  • Real bristle dartboard from the world’s leading manufacturer

  • Players use real steel tip darts

  • Touch screen player interface

  • Powerful player session management system

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Main System) Shipping Dimensions (Projector Mount) Shipping Dimensions (Foam Board)
Width 118″ 21″ 4″ 36″
Depth 118″ 46″ 46″ 64″
Height 118″ 6″ 6″ 3″
Weight 88 lbs 55 lbs 13 lbs 20 lbs
Power Consumption Volts 220 / Apms 2.3 / Watts 500 

Volts 110 / Apms 4.6 / Watts 500

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