Sega Amusements ATV Slam

ATV Slam takes All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) racing to a whole new level. The custom developed motion platform lets players experience all the bumps just like being on the track. Exotic environments, wind effects, razor sharp console quality graphics delivered by ‘Unreal Engine 4’ and unique AI system gets players hearts racing through the game.

The sensational cabinet will wow players in any location. Featuring a life-size realistic quad bike with huge lit wheels, chrome engine, stylish liveries and awesome lighting effects from top to bottom demands players attention. In ATV Slam players must race to the finish line boosting, pulling stunts and avoiding obstacles while winning those all-important upgrade points for the next action-packed race.


  • 47” motion Full HD Deluxe Cabinet

  • New air cylinder based motion platform

  • Realistic bike & control system

  • 10 exotic environments

  • 5 characters & 5 vehicles

  • 3 different game modes

  • Color changing LED cabinet lighting

  • Bike upgrade system encourages repeat play

Specifications Location Dimensions

(1 Player)

Location Dimensions

(2 Player)

Location Dimensions

(4 Player)

Width 46″ 93″ 186″
Height 102″ 102″ 102″
Depth 93″ 93″ 93″
Weight 925 lbs 1851 lbs 3703 lbs

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