Raw Thrills Nerf Arcade

Nerf™ Arcade is a high-energy, fast-paced game that is exciting for kids of all ages and family-friendly. Players grab hold of two oversized NERF Blasters and shoot as many targets as possible to win tickets or reach a high score.


  • Redemption or amusement modes

  • Blast your earnings into orbit

  • Awesome Nerf blaster action

  • Multi generational appeal

  • Nerf is top 5 toy brand

  • Everyone is a winner!

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Main Cabinet) Shipping Dimensions (Seat) Shipping Dimensions
Width 61.75″ 46″ 46″ 44″
Depth 106″ 33″ 35″ 35″
Height 90″ 51″ 61″ 72″
Weight 246 lbs 208 lbs
Power Consumption ~120VAC/60Hz/5 Amps

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