Pipeline Games Cut 2 Win – Deluxe

Same great game – Brand new cabinet!

This is the ORIGINAL! Don’t waste your time and money with imitators. Over 3 years of REAL WORLD ARCADE testing so we know it’s rock solid to make you money.  Tons of satisfied customers – please ask us for a bunch of referrals.

A great new concept and super easy to play.

Player tries to cut the string holding up the jumbo-size prize. As soon as they cut the string the front door opens up and the player takes the prize.

The possibilities are endless on the type of merchandise you can let your players win in this game. Feel free to contact us to talk about other ways you can merchandise this game.

A super great earner at our game centers. Tremendous repeat play too – It has that ” Almost got it ” feel that keeps players coming back for more.

Available in Standard and Mini


  • Full metal cabinet with tempered thick glass

  • Big wheels on the bottom for easy moving

  • Bill acceptor with the 300 note upgraded stacker is optional

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