A Cashless Payment & Management Solution for Micro Markets

Micro markets can turn your office break room into a convenience store, providing workers with fresh healthy food choices and a wider selection of snacks and beverages. Make the self-service experience even better for consumers by providing a cashless payment & management solution for your micro market.


  • secure payment devices

    Powered by Nayax, the PayMarket Premium can be fitted with all Nayax’s cashless card readers, including the VPOS Touch and Onyx.

  • multi-mounting options

    The small sized device doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be mounted on a wall or fits on a tabletop.

  • multiple cashless payments

    Consumers can pay with credit & debit cards, chip cards, employee cards and other prepaid cards. The card readers also accept contactless, NFC, and mobile payment apps, and this includes QR codes for social wallets like Alipay and WeChatPay.

  • works with all global payment providers

    Provide your consumers with payment methods from most global payment providers. All transactions are quick and secure, offering consumers convenience and methods they use daily.

  • integrated management solution

    For vending operators, PayMarket Premium seamlessly integrates with Management Suite, providing a single solution for managing both the vending and micro markets.

  • product merchandising opportunities

    Increase your sales by introducing a large variety of products, which can be displayed specially to stimulate sales.

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