Raw Thrills Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

The best-selling video game franchise of all time has come to the arcade. After launching a successful partnership with the smash hit Halo: Fireteam Raven, Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix have released their latest venture with Microsoft and Mojang Studios – Minecraft Dungeons Arcade! Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is an epic, action-packed adaptation of the popular console and computer game Minecraft Dungeons, a multiplayer “dungeon crawler” set within the Minecraft universe.

In Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, up to four players use a diverse arsenal of melee and range weapons to battle through hordes of dangerous enemies and monstrous bosses across nine unique levels! With every play, the stunning cabinet vends one of 98 collectible cards that fit into one of five categories – Melee, Range, Armor, Pet or Skin – and can be used to customize the player’s adventure. 38 BRAND NEW cards have been recently added with the addition of a new underwater adventure level – Hidden Depths!


  • The Best-Selling Video Game Franchise of ALL TIME

  • Stunning 65″ LCD Screen & Eye-Catching LEDs

  • 4 Player Positions With Card Scanners & Dispensers

  • Customize Your Quest with a Free Card Every Play

  • 9 Epic Levels with Challenging Boss Fights

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Main Cabinet) Shipping Dimensions (Pedestal)
Width 71.70″ 73″ 54″
Depth 67.79″ 48″ 55″
Height 116.71″ 40″ 35.5″
Weight 540 lbs 300 lbs
Power Consumption ~120VAC/60Hz/5 Amps

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