LAI Games Let’s Bounce

What do 20 balls, 45 illuminated tiles, and a room-shaking rendition of Georges Bizet’s “Carmen Overture” have in common? They’re all packed into our brand new game, Let’s Bounce, and players are absolutely loving it! The competition and suspense that the game brings are a huge hit with guests as they race against the clock to hit the last few remaining tiles!  It’s not uncommon to see a crowd gather around during head to head action.

Let’s Bounce is the instant classic in your Midway. Its attractive and addictive game play is great for all ages. Easy to play but challenging to master, Let’s Bounce will have your guests coming back again and again.


  • Single-Player

  • Multi-Player

  • Ticket Dispensing

  • Pre-drilled for Embed

  • Universal Connector Link

  • Card System Ready

  • Coin Acceptor Ready

  • Bill Acceptor Ready

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Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 48″
Height 104″
Depth 122″
Weight 950 lbs

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