Komuse Ultimate Shot

Ultimate Shot is a fun skill game that will test the power and accuracy of players. There is a big LED square target that players aim for by pulling and releasing the shooting lever. Players are able to control their shooting power, and with a big square target that looks easy enough to win, Ultimate shot is sure to drive repeat play.

Players win a bonus if they goaled the set number of times out of the shots given. If players goaled every shot out of those that they played, they win the Mega Bonus Challenge!


  • Single player game

  • 2-unit multi players game with a mega marquee

  • Play for fun game

  • Ticket dispensing

  • Suitable for all ages

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 31.6″
Depth 82.3″
Height 92″
Weight 738.5 lbs
Power Consumption 200-280W

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