Komuse One Shot Wonder

Sharpen your aim and shoot for the captivating LED bonus target!

Our ‘One Shot at One Go Play’ concept makes it easy-simply pull and release the ball shooting lever.

Adjust the lever’s pull distance to fine-tune your shot’s power.

Can you master the seemingly effortless bonus challenge? Test your skill today!


  • Coins-in. A ball is ready to shoot at the ball launcher.

  • Aim at the target ahead. Pull and release a lever to shoot a ball.

  • Players win a bonus if they hit the goal.

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 31.6″ 89.37″
Depth 82.3″ 36.22″
Height 92″ 87″
Weight 679 lbs 756.18 lbs
Power Consumption AC110V, 230V (50Hz / 60Hz) 125W/120W

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