Incredible Technologies Golden Tee Golf

Golden Tee Golf is the offline edition of Golden Tee LIVE. With the same stunning courses and cutting edge graphics as LIVE, Golden Tee Golf offers players all the fun and competition as its online counterpart, and is the perfect game to introduce players to the GT brand. All 45 Golden Tee courses are available for play, including the 5 all-new courses. A variety of balls, clubs, tees and clothing options add depth and encourage repeat play. And adjustable difficulty settings let you set the game for your audience.


  • Forty-five courses to choose from

  • Enhanced, 1080p capable graphics

  • Adjustable difficulty settings

  • Premium Clubs, Balls & Golden Tees

  • Spin, Roll and Bite options

  • Hundreds of unique Clothing options

  • Operator-run Closest-to-the-Pin mode

  • Local Leaderboards and Replays

Specifications Location Dimensions w/ Stand
Width 29.6″ 25.5″
Height 38.6″ 85.75″
Length 29.6″ 53.25″
Weight 160 lbs. 220 lbs.

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