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Players skillfully throw footballs at four pop-out targets attempting to drive down the field and score a touchdown. Players must time each pass so that the football lands in the green zone next to the respective target they hit. If the player mistimes the throw and it lands outside the green and blue zones the player will be awarded 15 yards. Players can keep track of their yards on the monitor. Once a player scores one hundred yards, they will be awarded a touchdown. At the end of the game the players will receive a QB rating based on accuracy, total yards and touchdowns thrown. At the end of the game players are given a total quarterback rating. If a player’s QB rating is in the top 5 high scores it will be featured on the leaderboard. There are five game modes in QB Pro and each of the five game modes has its own leaderboard. QB Pro has up to four players.


Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 39″
Depth 111.5″
Height 90″-96″ (Adjustable)

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