ICE All-In

Pull the plunger aim for the jackpot! Use your skill to launch the puck aiming for the jackpot win zones. The puck must be all the way in the win zone for a zone win! If the player sees the red bar lit up, they still win tickets, every player is a WINNER!

Using the 40” Hi Def LED screen All In gives the player an “instant replay” on every shot either confirming their WIN or showing them just how much they missed the win by.  Players love seeing their results on screen!


  • Pure Skill Plunger

  • Must Be All-In to Win

  • Thrilling Instant Replay

  • LED Charging Pack

  • 40″ Screen

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 32″
Height 122″
Depth 105″
Power Consumption 6 Amps

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