Digital Centre Eclipse

The eclipse is the first PhotoBooth with a huge 12ft curved LED VideoWall visible from hundreds of feet away, to capture attention from people in any direction even from above! It’s a highly attractive piece in any location.

The photos taken in the PhotoBooth are shown on the giant VideoWall! Is a great photobooth for sale. Order yours today!


  • DC offers a customizable cloud where you can create events online, manage and customize them, as well as adding advertisement.
    You are also able to capture email addresses for commercial purposes.

  • DC understands the importance of your privacy and has created this exclusive feature for our customers and yours!
    Secure transmission without having to type an email, passwords or personal data.Your Content Goes Here

  • DC proudly offers our exclusive and unique QR-PHOTO Technology. A QR code prints to each strip to enable the users to retrieve their photos anytime, anywhere from any Smartphone. Or they can simply print them again anytime, anywhere from any DC PhotoBooth.

  • QR-ID is an exclusive and personal QR code for each user. This unique code links all users photos to their account, and then to all DC PhotoBooths, anytime, anywhere! Each user has their own QR-ID stored into their Smartphone.

  • DC PhotoBooths have evolved along with the new digital era and have adapted to the latest technology.
    The touch screen facilitates navigation by the system and makes use much easier and intuitive. A quick and easy way to handle the different screens available.

  • Owners can activate the video option on their PhotoBooths and schedule the desired time for it to begin recording.
    The recorded video will be stored in the cloud and from there you can view and send it via email, Facebook and Twitter

  • Digital Centre PhotoBooths come equipped with a Digital camera 10Mp. DC cameras offer a higher resolution than the competition therefore, the results are always exceptional.

  • The first PhotoBooth that will generate revenue without the need to print photos.
    DC has created an advertising platform where patrons who visit the PhotoBooth will receive impact advertisements.
  • This PhotoBooth has multiple payment options: cash, tokens, credit/debit card reader and smartphone payment option.
    If customers in a shopping mall happen to spend all their cash on shopping, they can still use the PhotoBooth and pay in different ways.

  • Print your SmartPhone’s photos at any DC PhotoBooth.
    Available only on DC’s PhotoBooths, SmartPrint is an added value that will generate additional income which means more revenue.

  • Gigantic LED screens that wrap around the outside of the PhotoBooth causing great impact. Interactive LED screens showing videos, photos, adverts and much more. These screens are totally customizable so they can be adapted to any event or show adverts in locations.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 32.75″
Depth 50.96″
Height 76.75″
Weight 595 lbs

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