Diamond Smart Table

If you are looking for a coin-operated pool table that outperforms all the others, look no further, the DIAMOND SMART TABLE™ is unmatched in every aspect. The combination of an attractive look and unsurpassed playability is the reason that DIAMOND SMART TABLES™ have quickly become the player’s choice.

Patented optical density sensor built into the ball return system. Allows the player to use Super Aramith Pro Balls® with the red circle cue ball. No longer do the amateurs have to play with an oversized or magnetic cue ball.



  • DYMONDWOOD® rails are burn and dent resistant

  • Bi-Level Pocket Design

  • 22 Leveling Points for Perfect Leveling

  • Unique “No Lift” Leveling System

  • One Piece, 1′ thick Premium Grade Slate

  • Extremely Quiet and Fast Ball Return

  • Patented Optical Density Sensor

  • Built in Timing System available for 7′ and 8′. (standard on 9′)

  • Turn of a key allows coin free operation


  • DIAMOND Smart Table

  • Matching DIAMOND Light Unit

  • Super Aramith Pro Balls

  • Matching DIAMOND Ball Rack

  • Simonis 860 Cloth

9′ DIMENSIONS: 114″ X 64″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 1200LBS

8′ DIMENSIONS: 104″ X 59″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 1000LBS

7′ DIMENSIONS: 94″ X 54″ X 32″ WEIGHT: 800LBS

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