CPI Merchant Combo Media Snack, Beverage, Soda, & Candy Vending Machine


The new Merchant Media will change the way consumers think about vending. Increase same store sales and consumer value with exciting brand promotions and combo discounts. Make purchasing multiple items easy and generate higher dollar transactions with the all new shopping cart feature and cashless payment options. With our integrated wireless and cashless packages, vending has never been easier.



Choose Between the New Media Keypad or Touch

Both the new Media Keypad and state-of-the-art Media Touch feature a color display, designed to easily attract and engage more customers.

Stop Consumers in Their Tracks

Eye-catching customizable graphics and LED lights attract traffic and boost sales! Your branded storefront will draw in customers like never before.

Convenient Payment Features

The all new integrated payment options allow customers to pay with credit/debit cards, mobile wallet (coming soon), large bills or coins, so there’s never a reason to pass up on a sale.


Influence Sales and Increase Consumer Value with Promotions

Media provides customers with greater value for their dollar and boosts your sales through customizable interactive promotions and product advertising.

Build Brand Loyalty

Use promotions and combo discounts to expand your customer base and keep customers coming back for more!


State-of-the-Art Shopping Cart

Customers can fill up a virtual shopping cart with multiple items and pay in one easy transaction. Media gives the customer the option to “Buy More”, helping you up-sell every sale.

Convenient Payment Features

Now there’s never a reason to pass up on a sale because Media accepts credit cards, coins, large bills or electronic wallet, allowing customers to pay anyway.

ADA Compliant

Media is the 100% ADA compliant solution with a raised delivery bin and easy-to-reach payment systems.

Help Your Customers Shop Smarter

Consumers can shop by product category and browse easy-to-ready nutritional facts for smart decisions!


Media’s Operation System

Built on NAMA Open Standards, Media integrates the following capabilities into one powerful solution: graphics, touch screens, consumer insights data, advertising and promotions, social media networking options (including machine to machine, cellular and Ethernet), cashless payment options including mobile wallet, USB peripherals and much more.

Streamware Connect

With or without a vending management system, Streamware Connect lets you manage your Media machine content including planograms, nutritional information pricing and marketing content. It also lets you perceive alerts –learn if your payment system doesn’t change or your Media machine reached your cash limit (or may other potential alerts) via email.

Streamware’s VendMax

VendMax customers can take advantage of a whole new level of business interaction including: route efficiency optimization, cash and cashless reconciliation, machine alert prioritization and resolution, merchandising, and many more future benefits.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 46″
Depth 30″
Height 72″

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