Coastal Amusements Ice Walker

From the manufacturers at Coastal Amusements Inc., we are excited to offer Ice Walker – an exciting NEW water shooter-redemption game. Players will shoot water at the video screen to freeze the incoming zombies while trying to collect power-ups to complete each level. With six independently developed game levels and characters, Ice Walker is full of exciting things to discover. See if you can shoot the Super-Sprayer power-up to unlock a 12 stream water cannon for more zombie-stopping power and most importantly, more tickets!


  • 1-2 player game that’s fun for the whole family!

  • Powerful seat vibration for real dynamic experience!

  • Creative open-close handles!

  • Addictive gameplay!

  • 6 independently developed game levels and characters!

  • Attractive colorful light!

  • 43″ LED Monitor

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