Coastal Amusements Hotshots Fire Rescue

From the team at Coastal Amusements and offered by AVS Companies, become the ultimate firefighter in HotShots Fire Rescue! This three player game is an interactive sit-down water shooter that will thrill players of all ages. In HotShots Fire Rescue, players are challenged to put out fires and save the town. Whether you’re looking for a ticket redemption game or simply seeking amusement, HotShots Fire Rescue has you covered. With its engaging gameplay and captivating graphics, HotShots is a must-have addition to any arcade or entertainment venue. Its time to become a firefighting hero!


  • Up to 3-Players can compete at once

  • Players are tasked with putting out as many fires as they can while fighting off enemies with their water guns

  • Finding the bonuses throughout levels will increase the power of your “fire hose” and allow the player to gain more points

  • Can be operated as amusement only or with tickets

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