Champion Capri Shuffleboard

This contemporary table holds a timeless appeal with its simple elegance, sleek lines and stylish curves. The distinctive grey inlay and accents add classic styling on maple wood with polished honey stain finish. A true modern classic, the Capri Shuffleboard Table is sure to be the focal point in any game room, hotel or entertainment venue.


  • Solid maple cabinets

  • Polymer finish playfield (needs no resurfacing)

  • Patented Handicap Scoring

  • Makes game play faster and allows players of different skill levels to play each other

  • State-of-the-art electronics

  • Custom stains available

  • Customize with your logo

  • Your choice of score unit

  • All games are measured from ends of cradles.

  • The playfield is always 16″ less than the overall length.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Playfield Size: 3″ thick x 20″ wide
Cradle Lengths: 12′ – 22′ (22′ tournament size)
Width: 31″ without scoring unit; 36″ with scoring unit
Height: 30″ to the top of the playfield
Weigth: 50 lbs per foot (approximately)
Optional Accessories Available Madison Charleston Capri Limited Grand Champion Championship Qualifier Bumper
Wooden Score Unit (round) X X X X X
Triangle Score Unit X X X X
Bullet Score Unit X
J-Bar Score Unit (round) X X X X X X X
Rail Mount Score Unit (round) X X X X X X X
Abacus Score Unit (manual) X X X X X X X
Pingate X X X X X
Light Kit X X X X X X X
Custom Stain X X X X X
Custom Logo X X X X X X
One (1) Set of Weights/Pucks * * * * * * *
Wax/Powder * * * * * * *

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