Benchmark Monster Drop – Single

Players skillfully time the ball drop to earn ticket values as displayed on the rotating wheel, a multi-play bonus ticket extravaganza, or win the cumulative Monster Bonus of tickets with a single bounce!

Even if you miss, the ball bounces and careens around before dropping in a hole, so you WIN EVERY TIME! If a ball drops in an ADD BONUS BALL hole, balls are reserved until, if you make it in a DROP BONUS BALLS hole, it’s a MULTI-PLAY extravaganza! Bounce a ball up onto the platform and into the MONSTER JACKPOT hole and win a huge cumulative JACKPOT!


  • 1 Player Ball Drop

  • 18,000 Ticket Capacity

  • 1 Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser

  • Card Swipe Compatible

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 33″
Depth 35″
Height 96″
Weight 415 lbs

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