The AtGames Legends Pinball ES is The World’s First Connected Pinball™, providing an incredible simulation of arcade pinball play from the comfort of home. With 149 preinstalled licensed, genre-defining arcade pinball games, and the ability to easily add more in the future, the fun never has to end. Thanks to its connectivity, Legends Pinball allows for online multiplayer via its unique Shared Screen Party Play™ feature, where each player can both chat and watch each other’s turn in real-time.

149 preinstalled digital pinball tables – including Space Invaders, Operation Wolf, Bubble Bobble, Gottlieb, and Zaccaria tables.

More Tables to be added.

Global leaderboards, events and tournaments, online multiplayer Party Play™, voice chat, and downloadable content.

32-inch glass-covered LCD playfield and 15.6-inch LCD backglass.

Stereo speakers and tactile feedback

Precision spring-loaded plunger and accelerometers


  • 149 preinstalled tables

  • Authentic two-screen pinball play

  • Real glass top for easy, scratch-free cleaning

  • Limitless expansion possibilities

  • Premium connected features and competitive play