Apple Industries PHOTOMA

Timeless yet novel. Retro yet modern. Photoma is the absolute top of the line photo booth, designed to be beautifully immersive with no expenses spared. Sophisticated lighting and specialized camera hardware have been engineered to produce studio-grade photos. Customizable lighting with an oversized external monitor make Photoma the superior vehicle for any brand.

smileOS, the groundbreaking new software from Faceplace focuses first on producing the perfect photo, but then incorporates filters, immersive lighting, automated delivery of content, simple setup, reporting, and OOBE. More immersive and engineered to Apple Industries standards, Photoma shatters the frontier of photo booth innovation.


  • Active Segmentation

  • Touch Screen Navigation

  • Faceplace Dye-Sub Printing System

  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds

  • Captures Photos on Flash Drive

  • Customer Logos on Product

  • Fun Filters

  • Film Capacity: 700 Vends Per Roll

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 32″
Depth 70″
Height 83″
Weight 809 lbs

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