Apple Industries MLB PHOTOMA

Our MLB licensed content PHOTOMA is fully customized with location-specific or customer favorite MLB team branding. These photo booths are a perfect location for sports stadiums, fan stores, sports viewing areas, bars, arenas, etc. Our newly licensed sports content will build upon that trend providing locations with tremendous opportunities for recurring revenue and providing fans with a fun game day experience as they get a souvenir photo strip from their favorite sports game and teams!


  • Active Segmentation

  • Touch Screen Navigation

  • Faceplace Dye-Sub Printing System

  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds

  • Captures Photos On Your Own Flash Drive

  • Customer Logos on Product

  • Fun Filters

  • Film Capacity: 700 Vends Per Roll

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 32″
Depth 70″
Height 83″
Weight 809 lbs

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