Andamiro Spongebob Squarepants Pirates of Bikini Bottom

Classic Nickelodeon characters turn into amusing pirates in Andamiro’s quick-fire arcade pusher titled SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom. But this new pusher operates with miniature balls instead of tokens. Players shoot those balls into the moving treasure chest. Following a successful shot, the shooting sequence continues on the video screen: cannon fires and a bubble is put into the “bubble meter.” Ten winning shots fills the bubble meter and when that is achieved the prize wheel spins. SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom plays with collectible cards (9 in the series) and colored chips that mingle with balls on the pusher playfield. Chips can be redeemed for tickets right at the machine. © 2022 Viacom International Inc.


  • Easy for everyone!

  • New concept of ball pusher game!

  • Various missions and mini games!

Location Dimensions: 70″ W x 47″ D x 101″ H

Shipping Dimensions: 45.28″ W x 73.62″ D x 86.22″ H

Weight: 937 lbs

Power: 700W (5.83A)

How to Play:

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