Andamiro Pump It Up Phoenix

Phoenix is the latest installment in Andamiro’s long-running Pump It Up (PIU) rhythm and dance video game introduced in South Korea in 1999. Phoenix succeeds Pump It Up XX, the 20th Anniversary edition launched four years ago. The new version adds expanded content and technical improvements to the iconic five-step dance simulation game for arcades.

Foremost among these features is the all-new Premium Mode, designed for players looking for enhanced challenges. Only in Premium Mode can players unlock six exclusive songs. Premium Mode, accessed only by using an AM.PASS card, is one of three modes rounded out by Full Mode for advanced and intermediate players and Basic Mode for beginners.

Guaranteed to thrill seasoned players and novices alike, Phoenix is further boosted with a scoring range based on a 1 million points system and new plates. Even more, Phoenix boasts 100 score levels from the highest achievement of SSS+ – a perfect game – then stepping down to all grades. Finally, Phoenix expands PIU’s dance steps selection and reorganizes 150-plus player reward labels.

Central to all Pump It Up games is music, and Phoenix raises the bar with a comprehensive playlist tailored for rhythm action. Shipping with more than 500 tracks, the new game’s music library includes 150 updates, the latest K-pop hits and and a vast World Music selection, along with popular Pump It Up originals from such celebrated dance game composers as Zekk, Litmus*, Sbrem and Max, among many other artists.


  • All-new Premium Mode for greater challenges and opportunities to unlock six exclusive songs.

  • Added features and simpler interface for novices.

  • Increased scoring range based on a one-million points system, along with new plates.

  • 100 score grades with a perfect SSS+ at the top.

  • Improved structuring of 150+ player reward labels.

  • More than 500 songs including 150 updated titles.

  • Routine Phoenix content updates – FREE!

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Cabinet) Shipping Dimensions (Step Platform)
Width 70″ 69″ 40″
Depth 93″ 45″ 48″
Height 94″ 84″ 20″
Weight 1100 lbs 1180 lbs 350 lbs

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