Andamiro Krazy Ballz

Dive into the turbulent arena of Krazy Ballz, an electrifying four-player game designed to be the jewel of any family entertainment center. The game’s core lies in its simple yet thrilling objective taking place inside a radial wind simulation dome: players must quickly gather balls that correspond to their designated zone colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. Victory goes to the swift – the first player to secure four matching balls wins. Adding a twist to the frenzy, purple balls serve as wild cards, usable by any player, with a special prize on the line: collect four purple balls to snag the coveted 2,000-ticket Super Bonus.


Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 75″
Depth 75″
Height 94″
Weight 882 lbs
Power Consumption 65W [MAX 850] / 4.7-6A

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