Andamiro Crazy Toy 31″

Perfect Size for Any Location!

Andamiro USA will debut the first line in its new crane division. Craze Toy 31, a high-quality, low-cost crane machine, boasts a compact 31” W. x 35” D. footprint. It ships in two stylings: “standard” with a full-frontal LED wrap and “clear” with transparent prize bin corners. Crazy Toy 31 accommodates plush sizes from 4” to 9” (up to 18 oz.).


  • Available in two styles: Standard or Clear

  • Standard features a full-frontal LED wrapping along the corners

  • Clear offers transparent corners for the prize bin

  • Accommodates plush sizes ranging from 4” to 9”

  • Solidly built using all-metal materials

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 31″ 32″
Depth 35″ 35″
Height 79″ 84″
Weight 254 lbs 360 lbs

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